Poll Tax Riot, London (1990)*

“This was one of the best days I have ever spent taking pictures. I had been flattened a couple of times by testerical coppers but was nonetheless motoring well by mid afternoon when Grand Buildings (background) was torched by the anarchists.
The Poll Tax had been a festering sore for what felt like an age and after a few earlier demos that had been crushed by police action this one had really kicked off. The air was crackling with energy. Random truncheonings, police vans driven into the crowd and mass charges by riot plod had only redoubled people's determination to force some democracy down Thatcher's throat. Laurence & Nij were smouldering with the passion & excitement of the day.
Laurence is three months pregnant here, later Nij was arrested but this photograph was used in his successful defence. Some months afterwards Nij died from an overdose but Laurence has a beautiful daughter”.

* David Hoffman

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